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Case Studies

Pelstar, LLC/Health o meter® Professional Scales

Company Profile

Originally formed in 1919 as the Continental Scale Works, this company is the inventor of the “doctor’s’ beam scale. Today, the company designs, manufactures and markets a variety of professional products. The company is a leading manufacturer of weighing instruments for professional health care and medical uses.

The Business Problem

The company uses a large Microsoft® SQL Server based database that holds all the information about their products, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The company was unable to generate reports pertaining to their sales representatives. The CFO was spending a great deal of time each month compiling the necessary information.

The Solution

Tenzer Computer Consulting, Inc. created a Microsoft® Access front-end / Microsoft® SQL Server back-end database that links to their existing database. This allows for the generation of reports, analysis and automatic e-mailing of documents that had been previously performed manually. In addition, the staff is able to connect to the database from any location to obtain up-to-date information.

Cardinal Health, CHSI

Company Profile

CHSI was a company created by a man who had owned numerous pharmacies. He felt there was a need within the pharmacies to acquire information on a timely basis about the drugs they dispensed. Lisa Tenzer designed and developed a database to provide this information. Cardinal Health is a Fortune 500 health care service company. Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, the firm is a health care provider with products from anesthesia to women’s health. It provides products and services for chain, retail, independent, hospital pharmacies and others. The company also is a supplier and manufacturer of products in the health care field. The company’s focus is on patient care with an emphasis on reducing costs while providing quality and efficiency. When Cardinal Health purchased CHSI, the company retained Lisa Tenzer and two other individuals to continue to develop the project.

The Business Problem

CHSI wanted to provide its pharmacy customers with information that was based on their weekly and quarterly sales. At that time, the company was manually downloading data each week and generating five reports per customer that was printed and faxed to each of them. The company was unable to increase their number of customers from 50, due to the lack of computer hardware, software and personnel resources. This process took an entire week just for 50 customers.

The Solution

Tenzer Computer Consulting Inc. created a Microsoft® SQL Server back-end database with a Microsoft® Access front-end database that:

  1. With the click of a button, the system downloaded millions of records from a central data warehouse, processed and stored the data.
  2. Created easy-to-use data entry forms to enter customer and sales rep information.
  3. Created a series of reports that could be displayed on the screen, printed, or automatically emailed to each of the customers.
  4. Some of these reports included:

    • Sales and Summary Sales analysis
    • Billing errors
    • Market analysis
    • Purchasing promotions
    • Drugs Dispensed and Expiration Date summary reports
    • Sales representatives' reports
  5. Enabled regional advisors to log into the database from their remote locations and perform analysis on the data utilizing more than 100 custom reports. Users were restricted to view only data for their own customers.

Unexpected results

Within the first two years, this new technology allowed the company’s program to grow from 50 clients to more than 2,000 clients. Due to how this database was constructed, there was no limit on how many clients could be added to the system, as well as the number of staff who could use it.